Prints for Peter Mac

In 2008 my wonderful mother passed away of cancer. She had lived a fantastic life! Early 2016 my father followed in her footsteps and at 89 farewelled us. In his life he had endured, recovered and been fortunate enough to live through prostate cancer, bowel cancer and secondary cancer of the liver. Finally “Round 4”… it caught up with him. My brother has also been treated for cancer.

I write this to highlight just how close to home it has been for our family. Yet, I’m one of the lucky people in this world. My parents did not lose a child. I grew up with my mother caring for me. We laughed a lot together as a family on many occasions.

So if you are interested in purchasing any of these images I’m dedicating them and all profit to a life without cancer. Through my images, this is my small way I can help people now and into the future who are or will have to live with cancer.

All profits will be donated to The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre through The Peter Mac Foundation. The Peter MacCallum (Peter Mac) Cancer Centre is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer treatment, research and education. At an international level, The Peter Mac Cancer Centre will provide enormous support and input to the progress made towards prevention, treatment and the improved care of cancer patients.

Peter Mac Cancer Foundation