What fascinates me about photography is that a moment, frozen in time, can have the ability to hold our attention and provoke certain emotions. Yet as we go through life we most likely will not look twice or notice all those “moments” unfolding around us.

Photography and the images created provide us an opportunity to stop and appreciate life….even if it is just for a second. That’s why I enjoy it.

There is not a clearly defined subject that consumes me. I enjoy observing what is around me at the time whether it is on the street, whilst travelling, a landscape or my family.

I started with a personal goal to shoot only black and white for a year in 2013. As such it is why most of of my photos are created in a black & white fine art photography style. As of 2016 however I started using colour again.

I hope you enjoy the images and if you’d like to buy a limited edition print (only five of each image are available in each size) for your home, office or as a gift please email me.

You can also bookmark the site and keep up with new work as it is added.